Thursday, June 14, 2012

What we've been up to lately, mostly in photos again...

OK it's been so long since I've blogged I don't recognize the new posting template/format. Whoops.

Thanks for the encouraging words on the last post. I do enjoy writing but I'm finding that--while I write some great posts in my head (I mean, everything sounds great in your own brain, right?) by the time I get a few seconds to spare I've completely forgotten what I wanted to write. So today I will do best to recap the past few weeks with pictures and some brief descriptions.

We took a trip to my hometown and went to a duck park I frequented as a kid. The ducks were a hit. No one fell in (like I did once when I was little--totally traumatizing!).

I baked!
OK I didn't actually bake, as these are no bake. They are from Bakerella (naturally) and they are chocolate chip cookie dough bites, dipped to look like cookies. It's edible dough that is safe and super tasty. Yum.

We had a little staycation. Truly. My sister kept my babies for two nights. TWO NIGHTS. They slept away from home for the first time. They did great. We did great. We ran, we ate, we went to the candy store where I got chocolate covered cherry sours!! we watched Breaking Bad in marathon format, we went to the pool and the hot tub. was very strange being in our house without them here, but it was also mighty nice :)

OK this was the sampler fake dessert tray, I really didn't eat this much. Close though. Hence all the running.

We are so lucky to have this pool/spa less than half a mile from our house. We debated joining for a while but once we did we haven't regretted it. We even went on the water slide sans kiddos! Ha.

The lake is low but what can you do? The view is still quite nice.

Of course when we got home we had to have some dance party time. Now, I post this because I think my daughter is adorable dancing in her sun hat. Nevermind me, freakishly dancing as well. And nevermind my son who started crying (you can't see him, but you can surely hear him!)

And to anonymous--YES! I did receive a Diet Coke t-shirt in the mail. The funny thing is, I had bought one sort of similar several months before as a part of a Diet Coke promotion at Target and when I got the new one in the mail I thought "How did they know I'd already worn the other one out." Ha. So yes, I wear it and thank you.