Monday, February 27, 2012

Confessions, stolen from Claudia.

OK I didn't steal her actual confessions, I have plenty of my own.

But I loved her post and like the idea of purging here, laying it all out there for you guys.

So here goes:

I live for their nap in the afternoon. Don't get me wrong-- we have a great time partying down from 6:00 am to 12:30 pm but man, when 12:30 rolls around and I lay them down so gingerly in their cribs I have to stop myself from doing a little heel click on my way out the door. Ahhh, the sounds of silence (which is really the sounds of their soundspa white noise maker and their lullaby music) for two to three hours in the afternoon while they rest and rejuvenate is truly magical.

I eat all of their Pirate's Booty every week. True, they get some of it (when I feel like sharing) but I eat the bulk of it. I am addicted to it. I guess I feel like it is a chip but not quite as bad for me or as high in calories. Anyway, I hoover it right up but buy it for 'the babies.'

I use my toddlers as tiny masseuses. Some days I go for these long runs by myself. On Saturday I got to run eight miles all alone and it was a thrill. My muscles were sore. So later when we were 'playing' in their room I laid on my stomach on the floor and they crawled all over me and banged into me repeatedly with their tiny little fists, laughing and howling the whole time and I felt like I was getting a mini-massage. It's free, they love it, and I'm desperate.

I eat M&Ms every day. Really. It's another addiction. And I eat them by color in the following order: brown, orange, yellow, green, blue, then red. I line them up in pairs by colors too and eat them two at a time. If there is an uneven number of colors it really throws me off, but I certainly don't discard any M&Ms over it.  I really only do this with the plain ones, and these are the ones I eat the most often. I buy the little mini-packs or otherwise there could be big trouble. Does anyone else have to eat them in color order?

Every single week at work I vow to read journals and the like at home on my off days. And every single week I fail. I show back up at work on Monday and think: Oh yeah, I have a job and I see patients for a living and therefore I need to keep up with the latest research. And the cycle continues.

I love getting the mail-->the old school in-the- physical- mailbox mail. Lately I share this love with our son, who also gets a real kick out of walking with me to the mailbox (he often wakes up half an hour earlier than his sister so it's his special thing to do alone with me) and I have to be nice and let him open the mailbox door and pull everything out. Hmph.

We still have not made their video montage of when we met them, brought them home, etc. I have a million video clips and it's all too daunting. I just want someone else to do it for me.

On that note the other day my iPhone ran out of storage space for my photos. Because there are over 2,700 of them plus videos on it. Egads. I backed them up but I don't know how to/want to eliminate them from the actual phone in an easy way. I want it to magically organize into folders by date for me. Whine.

I like reality TV fashion shows. We watch Project Runway (and Allstars!) and I'm kind of secretly (not anymore) hoping for good things with that new fashion show with Jessica Simpson and Nicole Ritchie. And yes, I am still sad about Jessica and Nick. Do we really think they'll never get back together?

Many nights I am in bed at 8:45 pm. I read for twenty minutes and then fall sound asleep. It's because I get up in the middle of the night to run but 8:45 I feel like an old granny when I crawl into the bed. And yet I want to do another heel click (under the covers) because

I am tempted to buy some Five Fingers running 'shoes'. I just read "Born to Run" and wonder if my chronic toe problems when I run more than four or five miles a day have to do with a need to be in completely different footwear. My toes are hideous. It's the understatement of the century. I'm ashamed of them and I live in a town where flip-flops are footwear of choice for 7-8 months out of the year. I have said I need to see a podiatrist for years but I've done that in the past and guess what? They pulled out several of my toenails. Um yeah. Painful and attractive, how could I go wrong? It's not a fungus. I repeat: it's not a fungus. It's trauma and now they don't grow right. Or something. They're funky and I have to put fake toenails on them. Yes, I just confessed to putting fake toenails on my toes.

We still don't eat dinner as a family and I suffer guilt over this. We feed them at 5:45 pm and I am just not ready to eat yet. We relish our dinner time, you know, where we can have stimulating conversation and the like. Oh wait--confession part two: we really eat in front of the TV.  And yet...I know we should be modeling good dinner behavior, yadda yadda yadda BLAH BLAH BLAH. So sue me. They know how to use a spoon. They eat great. Our son wolfed down lima beans yesterday and our daughter inhaled (not literally) some chickpeas. So I choose to let myself off the hook on this one.

I'm addicted to Instagram. It makes photos look much better and I'm not a talented photographer to begin with, I just take a lot of pictures (see above).

OK that's enough don't you think? Confession is good for the soul. Indeed.

So are photos.

OMG she is growing up so fast...and yes, her flip flops are huge but I wanted to
see them on her.

On the other hand, from this perspective they still seem so two guys walking at the park...sigh.

Sarang came to visit! It's so much fun to meet a blogger in person (though the babies look grumpy in the photo, beleive me they were not: especially when given their Curious George treats from Aunt Sarang!


  1. Loved your confessions...what a great post idea. Your toe secret made me laugh empathetically b/c my hubby also has toe trauma from playing soccer (and maybe fungus)...he can't do the fake toenails so it's socks with sandals, wearing socks to yoga, etc.

    So great finally meeting in person! Your little ones made my heart melt...truly, can't wait for my day!

  2. For you, Momma. This is good. I think you will enjoy:

  3. Love these kinds of posts!! The wheels are turning to blog about something similar. Oh and I RELISH LN10's naps too...that is MY time to do what I want!!

  4. Ok, so I go for the blue M&Ms first. I see you go for the more naturally occurring colors first which means you'd probably survive longer than me in the wild. Right? Ha!

    I think tiny masseuses are a great idea! You need a picture of that to go with all of the other adorable pics. They ARE getting big for sure!

  5. Your confessions could *almost* be my confessions except nix the early morning runs with that high of mileage, 8:45 bedtime, and the family dinner. Otherwise we're the same but I eat green first. Of course, I hoarded gobs of Christmas M&Ms so I am polishing the last of the red & green now then onto Valentine's day M&Ms. And the BEST is closing the door after they go down to sleep for the night- that sigh of nice.

  6. Does anyone else have to eat them in color order?

    Yes! From least favorite to favorite: blue, dark brown, yellow, red, orange, (light brown, when it still existed), green. Joel doesn't believe me when I tell him they do in fact taste different. It's hard eating M&Ms with someone who doesn't care about color, but he's learned the hard way that if he randomly picks some out of the bag and ends up with a green one, he must put it back.

  7. I also live for the nap! SInce my daughter didn't nap it seems so luxurious to have a few hours in the middle of the day to concentrate on other things.

    Plus, my hubby ALSO has the toe thing. He was working out of town and the crew really insisted that he play basketball with them but he didn't have bball shoes with him. Well, they sent wardrobe out to buy him some shoes. Yeah, bad idea. At the end of the night when he took his socks off his big toenails were bloody and cracked. They were completely ruined in one night. THey fell off and grew back in all weird. The only thing that ever helped was when they fell off again and he got a fake toenail-splint thing to act as a guide so that the real one would grow in properly under it. He wore socks inside for about three years during this whole process, I think I saw the weird toes twice the whole time!

    Love the photos - pix-l-o-matic is an addiction, too!

  8. We love us some naps here too! And the dinner one? We are guilty of that too. I am an instagram addict too.

    Your pics are awesome!

  9. I love this post. You sound so happy and like you've settled so well into parenthood! The pictures are adorable. I'd be daunted by having to go through 2,700 of them, too! Maybe you could hire a high school student for not too much money to get them off your phone, onto your computer, and organized by date? Or better yet, by subject tags...

    With regard to your question on my last blog post, I don't think my sugar levels are super tightly controlled, but I have been careful not to eat too many carbs at one time and eat some protein with the carbs. My fasting levels have been 95 or below almost every day - there's been a day once every 2 or 3 weeks where it's above that (usually 96-99). That seems to happen when I haven't gotten enough sleep the night before.

    My 2-hour post-prandials are usually below 120. I had been doing really well with almost all of them being below 120, and then I relaxed a little and wound up with a few that were slightly high (i.e. 125-130), so I regrouped and they've been better again. My biggest challenge is that sometimes I'm in a meeting at the 2-hour mark and can't always test right at that time. Sometimes if I can, I test at 1 hour instead, or if I have to wait until 2 1/2 hours or something like that, I just try to make sure the numbers are significantly under 120.

    Ironically enough, during the 3-hour GTT, my 2- and 3-hour levels were fine. It was my fasting level that was absurdly high - above 200, and my 1-hour level that was also high. The highest fasting level I've had in the 2 months since then was a 114 reading the day before I went shopping and started the diet...

  10. Your kids are so beautiful! I miss you guys, I feel like I have not been checking in near enough! Oh and Warren and I watch TV while we eat too and now we have gone over the edge and pretty much every night me, Warren, and Steamboat watch episodes of House Hunters while we is shameful when we should be having our discussions about our day! but we still do that, I promise...but oh how I love to watch TV while I eat! Tracy

  11. I loved reading this...oh do I have some confessions to make. I sat and watched Katie each a Goldfish off the floor (a whole grain one...does that make it any better??? And at least it was my floor!). I didn't move off my chair. I told her that we should not ever eat anything off the floor. I didn't even try to stop her. God help Emily...who knows what I'll be watching her do while not even attempting to get up. Can't wait to read the book you sent me!

  12. I am honoured!!!!

    I've got to say that I can't eat m&ms in colour order because I don't have the patience. I only let myself
    eat them once a month, when I'm feeling totally premenstrual, then I eat an entire huge bag at lightning speed. When the need strikes, I can't imagine waiting to sort. BUT - the brown ones are definitely my favourite. No idea why, because they all taste the same. But brown are definitely the best.

    Love these confessions!

  13. Oh, I could have written so much of this - I was nodding my head as I was reading it.

    So sorry I have been such a bad commenter of late - my reading is isolated to late at night in bed before going to sleep (on my tablet that doesn't usually allow me to properly comment on blogger blogs).

    But, I love that you are still abiding with us who are peering in and enjoying you sharing the good, bad and ugly parts of parenthood. And OMG those babies are beyond adorable! I hope that parenthood is getting easier in your world. I am just coming up on the 1 year mark of A being home (she is 20 mo today), and it is finally starting to feel real and slightly less overwhelming on a daily basis. Whoo Hoo!