Sunday, July 10, 2011

This post brought to you by Diet Coke.

Ahhh, Diet Coke. Sweet elixir of life, especially right now. I'm not a coffee drinker but I do find I need a little Diet Coke. Or a lot of Diet Coke. Can someone please define what a lot of Diet Coke would be?

We have been to the pediatrician's three times in seven days. I'm very thankful that our clinic has a weekend sick clinic as we have visited it twice. Our son ruptured his eardrum. His fever was nearly 104. I was a wee bit panicked and luckily have a best friend who is a pediatric nurse and calmly told me exactly what to do. Whew. At any rate, sick babies are tough. Sick babies are tougher when you are sick. Seriously, I had a fever for two days. And I never, ever get sick! My sister said: correction, you used to never get sick. Ha.

The babies are lovely. We go out in the Bob Stroller every day--not to jog but to walk, but soon, soon we will be running. But with both adults sick we decided to give our babies some rest. And really? Who would think having babies would be the easiest diet I've ever been on...down about 7 pounds since we left for Ethiopia and none of our illnesses were GI related. I think it's the "I never sit down anymore" effect. I'm sure it will pile back on when I'm more in my groove instead of frantically running from room to room trying to get everything done. And while many have given us the advice of letting housework go by the wayside right now, I just cannot. I need to clean. So I keep cleaning as soon as they're asleep or playing with the mister, etc. etc. I must say that our house looks like a small preschool because of having two of everything--something we swore would never happen.

But I am not complaining.

I just need some more Diet Coke.

Enjoy the picture!


  1. I used to be a DC addict, seriously,i drank it for breakfast. But when ot OHSS I cut it out and haven't had it in over 2 years, but this post...mmmm DC. Sorry everyone is sick, thankful it's not too serious. I know I keep saying it, but those are some cute babies you got there!

  2. That's so sweet, look at that big smile! Just keep the diet coke in stock and you'll be ok! I did that with coffee. I don't have twins but I'm very clean like you so I couldn't let ANYTHING go to neglect. Still can't and mine is 9 months old!

  3. I'm sorry everyone's sick! Ear infections are terrible, but they both look like they're feeling better(ish) in that picture!

    Reading the above comments, I am just curious how you're handling/planning to handle the "twins" thing? Oh, better yet you wanna get all caffeinated and do a Q & A post?! :)

    I hope everyone is on the mend quickly and that you're not getting the ridiculously hot weather we've had here!

  4. Love this. Your babies ARE lovely.

    Hope everyone's in good health soon. XO

  5. Wow.... look.... you're a mommy!!!

    Absolutely perfect.

    As it should be.

  6. To quote my little sister "Diet Coke is my most valuable liquid asset" haha. :) Cute babies. Congratulations! My other sister just gave me a couple of cute adoption stories. One is called Sweet Moon Baby and the other is I Wished for You. You should add them to your collection. Adorable.

    I read these to my daughter this weekend, and she said, "This would be such a cute story if you were getting adopted." and I had to laugh, because we just adopted her, but I'm glad she feels like she was always meant to be ours. :)

  7. Such beautiful babies...

    You definitely don't sound like you're complaining, you just sound like a Mom. =)

  8. They are gorgeous. When my kids were little diet coke wasn't enough- I actually started drinking redbull. I can't believe that now!
    So happy for you, it's such a joy to click on your blog now. :-)
    Amy x

  9. they are so cute.
    Wishing you all well during this adjustment period. I am hoping all 4 of you feel better soon.
    sending much love your way...

  10. Feel better soon- and hey whatever gets you through the day, caffiene wise! What cuties you have! Can't wait to use my BOB too, they are the best strollers for real.

  11. Oooh, I want to squish them!!! They are so cute. Sigh....

    I feel for you with 2 sick babies. And sick parents. Rough way to begin parenthood, but I guess you'll be better prepared for preschool, when they will be sick all the time too. DC it up!

  12. I always had a hard time too because I could never let the cleaning go (still can't) I just can't relax when it is piling up so instead of napping I would do laundry or dust.....

    I fret when Eli is sick, I just hate it so I hope your babies are feeling well soon!

  13. I am not a coffee drinker either.. I lived on Dr.Pepper for 5 months straight after Jules was born. I am slowly coming down off it... but now at 7 months and teething I just need to get a drip line of caffeine into my veins!

    So sorry to hear your little ones are sick and that you are under the weather. =( I hope everyone gets better soon.

    Love the posts! Thank you for sharing this new chapter in your life, I really enjoy checking in on your family. =)

  14. Adorable photo.
    A fellow DC addict

  15. So. Freaking. Cute.

  16. GOSH they are SOOOO cute! I don't drink coffee either...but am imbibing on Coke Zero as well...hey its about survival!

  17. Beautiful kids. Very happy for you. You definitely need a rocker in that room. Not those trendy, plastic chairs. Cute but not practical. Sorry...I know you probably get all sorts of advice.

  18. You are a real mom now! Sleep deprived and running on caffeine - I love it!
    And yes, those are some really cute babies!!!

    P.S. I'm loving my autocaptchas this week - this one was "liter", as in how much diet Coke you probably need, huh?

  19. So so sweet!

    I am so sorry that you have all been sick. I so hope that it's all out of your systems now.

    You are an inspiration to me each and every day. It's reading about your story and your beautiful babies that gives me hope to keep going. Thank you.

    Sending you giant hugs.

  20. seriously, YOUR babies are adorable!

  21. Hey there Mommy MTL...I've been MIA lately in the blogosphere and missed your last post! WOW! I knew there'd be a good story behind this venture, but who'd have thought it would be "remember when we got the babies and we all got so sick". It sounds like in this post you are turning the corner and getting better. I'm very very happy for you...and look forward to hearing more!!! They are precious!

  22. Ah, fever. Not our friend. And worrisome as you have to keep on it.
    Ah, caffeine. Our friend. Until you start having palpitations, you're ok. (That's my take on it because having a sleepy mommy...not good.)
    I clean all the time too. If my house is clean, I feel better. I will say that I'm a sucker for staring at the baby though instead of cleaning.
    And that is the cutest pic ever. Glad they love their rockers!

  23. Oh the picture is adorable! Love the rockers!

  24. What gorgeous babies! Congrats! Happy that you are all on the mend, and the Mr. is getting his treatment. Wishing you all good health and lots of joy with those two precious kiddos.

  25. I am sorry everyone is so sick!!! Yuck. I am giving you some direct orders to take it easy though you tough cookie. Mama needs to be rested and healthy too. (-;

    Adorable picture. What little angels.

  26. Those are two pretty content looking babies! Hope you all are feeling better.

    Cheers to Diet Coke! (Although I prefer Coke Zero, but whatever gets you through!)

  27. What an adorable picture! You should take one just like the rockers, just diapers, on the same date every month until the babies are two. Then maybe once a year! I absolutely LOVE diet coke too, but managed to give it up a few months ago....I was TOTALLY addicted! Your post makes me want to pop a can! btw...our lives seem very parallel in more ways than a love for DC and struggle with infertility. My dad has been very sick (fully disabled) with MS for 11 years. My mom has managed to keep him at home and my sisters and I help care for him. I have truly been blessed by reading your blog. You & the Mr. are in my prayers.

  28. my gosh what a cuuuuuuute picture!! its so adorable! hope you all get better soon

    shel xx

  29. Adorable picture! You give me hope!