Thursday, April 26, 2012

The post where I'm all over the place

First of all, thank you for your kind words on my last post. I should clarify that the discontinued meds were in no way life-sustaining, just deemed no longer necessary. It just felt so concrete, to discontinue those meds.

I will now commence with using bullets to give you some random updates from my life recently, some noteable notes, if you will:

  • I guest lectured at my alma mater the other week. It was strange walking those halls again, being the supposed expert, answering the questions about my career. The faculty that introduced me told the class about the adoption at the end and that ended up being the thing they were most interested in...go figure!
  • I ran a half marathon the other morning, on a whim. It wasn't an official race, mind you, I just kept running and running until I hit 13.1 miles and then I stopped. I did the whole thing in the dark. I texted the mister at mile 12 just to make sure he was fine with the kiddos (they are early risers!) and he said to keep on going. So I did. Now I wish I had just run until I couldn't go anymore vs. stopping at the know, just to see how far I could've gone. Maybe 13.2? Ha.
  • We sort of got back to volunteering at the shelter. I say "sort of" because our nanny got sick after she started and after we were already almost there, so the hubs had to go back home and I stayed behind. It turns out that one person can serve 100 homeless men if the situation demands it--but I'm sure I was quite a sight racing back and forth between the entree, the salad, the sides, and getting the hot trays back from the dishwasher. I did have some help from one of the homeless guys who has permission to work in the kitchen and he was quite a character. We're going to make another attempt soon.
  • We found a new babysitter--a local high schooler that is a lot cheaper more economical than our nanny for nights out. She basically sits there on our sofa while the babies sleep. We are endeavouring to go out more at times when they are asleep so as not to take away from family time. I am very excited about this endeavour. We need to get out more. If only I didn't have such an early curfew :)
  • I am reading three books right now:
    • The Center Cannot Hold: riveting.
    • BossyPants by Tina Fey: hilarious.
    • Left to Tell: ok I haven't actually started it yet but it looks intense.
  • OK by 'reading' I mean every night I crawl into bed at 8:30 (!) and read for max thirty minutes before I'm out like a light until my iPhone wakes me to run at 3:45.
  • We saw a movie! An actual movie! Yes, it was "The Hunger Games." I gave it an 8.
  • The toddlers (I can't call them babies anymore) continue to thrive. I need to dedicate an entire post to their updates, but suffice it to say they run everywhere and chatter up a storm and mostly sleep like a dream. I say mostly because right.this.very.second as I type I can see them on the monitor, rolling around, kicking, talking, etc. and they have been in their cribs for 45 minutes. Very unusual as they usually conk right out at night. No se.
  • We went to Ethiopian Culture Day with them and it was amazing to be surrounded by beautiful Ethiopian people. It is good to be in the minority every now and again and see your children in the majority.
  • Our cat is going back on Prozac. Um, yeah. That's all I'll say about that. OK I'll add: does anyone want a cat?
  • I decided to make Hello Kitty cakeballs the other day. We were going to a three year old's Hello Kitty birthday party and I realized how much I miss baking and creating and voila! Here you go:

And that about sums up the past couple of weeks around Casa de MTL. What's new with you?


  1. Yay for 13.1! I'll trade you my Prozac-ladden cat for yours. *sigh* Yours can't be as bad as mine. Simply not possible.

    Those cake pops are so cute!

  2. Wow, where in the world do you find the time and energy to run that many miles and at 3:45a??? Impressive! Impressive cake balls as well! Can't wait to hear more about the babes!

  3. 13.1 miles *and* HK cakeballs?! You are amazing.

  4. Loved hearing your updates! When can I get a playdate with the babies...I mean toddlers!...again? :-)

    HK CAKE BALLS?! OMG. You have NO IDEA how you rocked my world. I'm jealous of that 3-yr old!!

  5. 3:45 am. Not happening here. We're late night owls.

    And you need to train me. My runs have been abysmal lately, when I can get out there to run. I would love to do a half.

    And yay for cheap babysitters who watch the kids sleep! We have one next door and I love her! So cheap. And her mom is on standby in case of emergency- she stepped in when my dad had that emergency appendectomy. So nice.

  6. Congrats on running the self-inflicted half!

    Your cake balls are WAY impressive. You got skillz.

    It's weird being in the minority...but also enlightening to how it must feel for others. We live in a very diverse area and I frequently note that I am the only the park, at the store, at the restaurant. It's kind of a neat feeling.

  7. Loved the update!!!! And way to go on the self half marathon!! Very inspiring I must say. And good on ya for finding a great casual babysitter. Yes, nights out with the DH should be mandatory at least once a month. But easier said than done I know!!

  8. I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again - you are a super-mama! Amazing.

  9. a cat on Prozac? I love it! Good for you with the running. And volunteering. And date night-ting. It sounds like you're kicking butt.

  10. OMG - you made those Hello Kitty cuties??? Why can't you live near me so I can pass that of as my own ;) You are wonder woman!

  11. I second Cassie - Supermama, indeed!

  12. You seem like person-extraordinaire! I can't get over the early AM running alone... add to that baking, homeless-sheltering and parenting 2 toddlers on top of normal life stuff! You are an inspiriation (though I hope you're not doing this at the expense of getting enough rest!)! :)

    Thanks for your support to me too...

  13. Those cakeballs are adorable! I can't wait to start Bossypants--it's my book club book for next month. Glad to hear things are going so well!

  14. Ok, well now I definitely feel like a slacker! 3:45 you say? WOW!

    And what an honor to guest lecture at your alma mater. I'm sure you rocked it, although who wouldn't want to talk about cute babies over endocrinology? ; )

    Glad to hear you are happy busy!

  15. Hey there...all I kept thinking from this post is that you are a very special person who gives so much! There should be more people in the world like you! Congrats on the "half marathon" must have been in the zone. If you wanted to do more, you'd have to get up at 2;45! ha! Those cake balls are perfect! :)

  16. ::still following along::

  17. Amazing cake balls, as usual. You really should open a bakery. And 13.1 miles "on a whim"?! You crack me up. :-)