Wednesday, November 21, 2012

You Ask? I Deliver.

Photos? Did someone say photos, please?
Here you go.
In their traditional Ethiopian outfits.
My Ethiopian beauty!
Brotherly and sisterly love...
Sorry to interrupt the cuteness with sweat, but here I am completing loop one.
I have a weird expression, but what can you do?

And finishing the 31 miles with DH. See the look of relief on our faces?
And yes, I am in different clothes. I was THAT sweaty that I required an outfit change to avoid...
The glamour of long-distance running in the humidity.

And to finish, fall cakeballs.
Carrot cake.
Cream cheese frosting.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



  1. Those are two beautiful babies - toddlers!!!

  2. OMG!!! Your little itty bitty babies are adorable!! And growing so fast! <3

    Congrats again on running the marathon thing! Looks like you need an armband for Christmas--31 miles clutching your phone had to have given you a cramp!

  3. Beautiful kids- and beautiful photos. And yay for running!

  4. Those kids are gorgeous! The running looks painful. Ouch! But good for you.

  5. Oh my word, aren't they cute! I love the smiles and chubby cheeks!

    I still don't know how you do the running thing, but more power to you! You definitely deserve the yummy cake balls :) Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  6. Oh what wise, kind eyes she has! They are quite a pair. And do you deliver cake balls? 'Cause I'm ready to place an order.

  7. Oh, wow, they are SO GORGEOUS!!! What a pair of cuties, seriously. Love the pictures! 31 miles is all kinds of amazing, too. Great job!

  8. In order, I would like to eat: your children and then the cake balls. Can you arrange that? What is it about chubby cheeks that makes me want to munch on them? I love their outfits. I can't believe you ran 31 miles. That is hard core. I don't think your expression is weird, I think you look happy, quietly smiling to yourself.

  9. All sorts of crazy goodness! The kids are as delicious as the cake balls. And I would need to lose some lbs. to prevent chafing. A change of clothes wouldn't help!

  10. Still seriously the cuties babies ever (okay equal in cuteness to my LN10)...thanks soooo much for sharing!!

  11. I can't believe I never commented on this post! Those babes are so lovely--can we please have a playdate sometime?